Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners



This page is about the website and it's mission and owners.


Although being a small site with only a few pages the aim is to help a new jogger or runner get the most from their jogging. Whether you're starting jogging for fitness, weight loss or just a new hobby, we like to think we tell you everything you need to know and at the same time give you some encouragement on making a start.

Jogging is a great activity and one of the healthiest things you can do. We would advise you in seeking advice before commencing a fitness program especially if you are over weight or elderly or other risk categories. However once you start we're confident you'll get the runner's high and bug and that you'll enjoy it and want to do it more. If that's the case then this website can help you.


The owner of this website is a fitness enthusiast who doesn't get out running half as often as he should but has allot of experience in it. He has entered numerous races and although he may not be the quickest runner out there he has gained allot of knowledge about how to make the most of your jogging or running.

All the recommendations we've made in the site should benefit every aspect of your jogging and as a duty of disclosure on the internet the owner is compensated only when a purchase is made. This doesn't affect the price you will pay at the end and the advice given are honest recommendations.

We hope you enjoy the site andjogging

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