Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Benefits of Jogging

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For an all over body exercise they don't get much better than jogging. Jogging can improve so many aspects of your life from sleep problems to depression, regular jogging can help. Here we go through thebenefits in full.

Improves mood

They callit the runners high and you get it from jogging too. Just about anyexercisedone regularlyand the brain willstart to releasefeel good chemicals all around the body.The good thing is these chemicals continue to be released even after you stop. Exercise regularly and these chemicals arereleased24 hours a day, every day.

These chemicals are endorphins and although they're not proven themselves to cure major depressionit's known that moderate exercise has a positive impactfor someone with mild to moderate depression.Have you never noticed that sports stars seem to be very happy? Well it's not just their pay that makes them happy, it's the exercise they do.

Improves cardiovascular health

The heart and vascular system does all the work during jogging as it pumpsblood around your bodyto feed the muscles with oxygen. For this reason the heart gets a real boost. After a few weeks of regular exercise the heartgets better at pumping the blood to such an extent that the resting heart rate slows.

This is a good thing as the heart needs to do less work. This is great because you'll find anything you do becomes easier and you have higher energy levels. Stress becomes easier to deal with as the heart becomes more efficient. Regular exercise which includes jogging is a real life extender when it comes to the heart!

Helps weight loss

We all know that losing weight is the goal for many across the whole world today. Well jogging burnscalories with the best of them. You'll burn around 80 calories every 10 minutes and more if you go faster. But there's no need to go fast as long as youexercise regularly and you eat sensibly you'll lose weight.

For those who are very overweighttry a minute of jogging followed by a minute of walking, then a minute of jogging etc. As long as you get some jogging done then this will help weight loss. Regular exercise is especially good for those who struggle to keep their weight off as it's great for maintaining weight.

Tones muscles

We've all seen those infomercials promising muscle toning of legs, thighs and buttocks using strange devices where you barely move. Well joggingtones your legs, thighs, buttocks, abs, arms and more. It's one of the best all over body exercises and will tighten all those problem areas.

What's great is it works differently for men and women. Because men produce testosterone their muscles will grow large and give a more defined appearance. Women will find areas of their body will look more toned and have a more pleasant look but your muscles won't grow any further. You'll just look fit, toned and gorgeous!

Improves sleep

Ok so after jogging you're going to feel tired and you get a good sleep because of that, right? Well yesbut exercise also makes you feel more alert during the day so you're mind and body are ready to switch off when it comes to sleeping. You'll find regular exercise makes your sleep better even on days where you don't exercise.

If you're having trouble sleeping try jogging late in the afternoon. There's a natural dip in body temperature 5 to 6 hours after exercise. This is the ideal time for sleep as your body naturallyslows down as itrebuildsyour muscles. Whenever you choose to exercise as long as you do your sleep will improve as a result.


Jogging really is a cure all, there should be jogging prescriptions written by physicians and Doctors. It can cure so manyills and is scientifically proven.It doesn't have to be strenuous as long as you're slightly out of breath and you jog regularly health benefits start immediately and build up to their peakin about 6 weeks.

That is not the time to stop though, youshould keep exercising for those benefits to be maintained.Make time for your joggingyou'll should find you start enjoying it and look forward to it. After exercising regularly you'llmiss it if you stop for long periods. As you long as you make a start you'll start to enjoy jogging!

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