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About BodyMedia

BodyMedia were founded in 1999 and developed wearable body monitoring systems as technology allowed. They've become the pioneer in these systems and today they're able to measure all kinds of movements and readings including sleep, calorie burn and more. Using this system can help you lose weight, improve fitness and live a better lifestyle. This is all from wearing a discreet body monitor system.

The great thing is that as technology has developed these body monitor systems have become cheaper to make. Now they're available to anyone who feels they would like to improve their health in a measurable way. BodyMedia have collected numerous patents for their work in sensors and collecting physiological information over the past 9 years. To date they've had over 400,000 users enjoy their systems.

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How it Works

The BodyMedia FIT system comprises of an armband, display (wrist watch) and activity manager. You first log onto the activity manager and establish your goals. You then wear the armband on your left arm and it measures 9,000 data points per minute. You then at a preset time upload the results of the data on the armband into your computer and input further details and you track your progress of how you're doing on the activity manager.

BodyMedia FIT helps a lot for weight loss as it's able to measure very accurately how many calories you've burned. It measures physical activity so in order to burn 1 pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories so it keeps track of how many you've burned and how many you've taken in by using the diet logging. It can tell how much activity you've done during the day including walking and running and presents it for you to see in a graph.

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Success Stories

  • Kelly B - I have been using my BodyMedia FIT system every day since March 30th – I've lost 14 pounds, dropped 4% body fat and 2 pants sizes! I feel great and have so much more energy! I also had a record number of steps 2 Fridays ago – just shy of 30,000. It is a great tool and I tell everyone who will listen all about it.
  • Patrick S - I just wanted to let you know how obsessed with my BodyMedia FIT I've become. I check my display piece more than I check my watch. Since starting to wear the BodyMedia FIT system, I've gone from 204 pounds to 187, and I'm beginning to feel the winter weight melting off. Thanks so much for this!
  • Rebecca S - I've been using the BodyMedia FIT System and attending weekly Weight Watchers meetings for three months, and have found great success combining these tools – I've lost 10 lbs, and am well within a healthy weight range.
  • Susan H - Most people fail to realize that there is NO product or miracle pill on the market that will lose the weight for you, but with BodyMedia FIT keeping you motivated and determined; you CAN reach your goals, no matter how much weight you have to lose... I am living proof!
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Armband - The armband is to be worn around the left arm continuously and it measures over 9,000 data points every minute. The sensors take numerous readings including heat flux, motion and skin temperature. It's able to measure the following characteristics: calories burned, physical activity, sleep taken, sleep duration and sleep efficiency. You upload the data from the armband onto your computer and the activity manager.

Activity Manager - The activity manager is like the heart of the system and is where you can see your readings of the armband bought to you in easy to read graphs of what you've done during the day. It tells you how many calories you've burned, how much you've taken in (using 30,000 food choices), steps you've taken, calorie balance, sleep and more. This is your personalized page giving you statistics of every type available for you to view and compare.

Display - This is like a wrist watch and you can see an immediate reading from your armband that you'd normally have to wait to upload into the activity manager to see. It can be worn as a wrist watch or clipped onto a belt or shirt for you to view as you go. It only functions as a viewable update and doesn't take the place of the activity manager but is useful to see if you need to increase your activity during the day to meet your goal for that day for example.

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BodyMedia FIT is an impressive system it's like an all over health management system. It's sold more as a weight loss tool and we think for this purpose it more than meets it's goal, it's exemplary. The detail you can manage your weight and activity levels makes it very powerful. You could see it as being a Government health requirement for obese people at some point in the future it's that good.

What we must reiterate that the system it's self is not going to lose you weight. You can't use this system and expect to lose weight and improve your health by itself. What it does is give you an up to date read out of your progress for health and weight loss. That's where this system beats any other. It makes you want to improve your stats at the end of the day, it gives you a vital bit of motivation that you wouldn't have had before.

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