Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Jogging Books

Jogging books

If you're just starting jogging and you want an easy guide then books are better than websites. There is more information in one easy reference book than on any one website.Also it's easily arranged so you can read from beginning to end to improve the jogging you do. We've pickedthe best books available at the moment.

The Beginning Runners Handbook

Top Pick!

The beginners running handbook

The rest of the title is "The proven 13 week walk-run program" and that just about sums it up for the ideal beginners running or jogging book. Whether you're overweight or have never run before or just want to be healthy. Going from a walk to a steady run or jog is the best way of starting and this book takes you through every step.

The book and theories were written and developed by sports medicine physicians who tested them for 3 years on real beginners. Every part of running is covered from what you should do for the first 13 weeks, motivation, equipment, nutrition and more. While not everyone will need all this information it's great to have it as a reference should you need further advice and for these reasons we give it ourtop pick!

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Runner's World Complete Book of Running

2nd Choice!

Runner's World complete book of running

Runner's World are the worldwide leading magazine for runners and they have compiled 312 pages packed full of running information for beginners. Like the fist book it introduces you to running by doing a combination of walking and running for several weeks as you build up to just running for 30 minutes which anyone can do after several weeks of training.

The ratings on amazon have been very high for this book and the only criticism it has is that it's written for beginners! Well that is no bad thingespecially for those starting jogging. One reviewer said that reading the book is like having tips from someone who's been running for a long time and I think that is the biggest compliment you can give somake it our 2nd choice.

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No Need For Speed: A Beginners Guide to the Joy of Running

3rd Choice!

The beginners running handbook

This is written by John Bingham a famous (in running circles) author who discovered running later in life andrealized that no matter how fast you go there are joys in just running. This book serves as a guide andinspiration in that you don't have to be a 20 year old slim male to run and get joy and benefits from running. He explainsyou get the most satisfaction from having the courage to start and stick with it and we have to agree.

The book also has plenty of tips and advice forpractical aspects of running and gives an insight as to where you may want to take your jogging. Including entering racesor even a marathon.With "No need for speed" you're toldit doesn't matter how fast you go as long as you start. This is a very popular book for those who read it and we give it our 3rd choice.

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