Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Jogging Magazines

Jogging magazines

For constant goodadvice and continuing motivation for jogging then amonthly magazine is a must. Theygive you the latest tips and advice whereasbooks are often out of date.A magazine can also review the latest products to hit the market. We think if you've just begun jogging then know you're not alonebyreading a running magazine or two.

Runner's World

Top Pick!

Runner's World magazine

Runner's World are the leading running publication in the world. They have issues released in many countries all catering for runners and joggers no matter what level you're at. Runner's World is designed for a man or woman to lead a more active healthier life with running at it's core. For this reason they go into all aspects of healthy living.

The magazine is released monthly and has become amonthly bible for runnersand joggers. As well as healthy living there are many stories and motivational articles from runners of all types to help encourage and motivate those new starters or those who want to take their running to another level. We feel Runner's World is an essential magazine toread and for that reason it's our top pick!

To view or buy "Runner's World" magazine Click Here!

Running Times

2nd Choice!

Running Times magazine

Running Times is like Runner's World in that it covers all aspects of running such as shoes, training, nutrition and more. The difference is that Running Times is designed for the slightly more experienced runner and sowe give it our 2nd choice.But before we dismiss Running Timesit does have it's good points, it's very well written and very popular.

Running Times focuses allot on how professionals undertake their running and routines which is often very interesting to read about. However the magazine does help new runners and joggersandhas fantastic articles and tips for this purpose. It also has motivational stories like Runner's World. We think you should give Running Timesa try especially if you want something a bit more developed than Runner's World,you mayprefer it!

To view or buy "Running Times" magazine Click Here!

Fitness & Men's Fitness

3rd Choice!

Men's Fitness magazine

This was a close decision as to whether this would be 2nd or 3rd choice, but for running and jogging this has to be a 3rd choice as there's not enough about running and jogging. This magazine is solely about fitnessand overall health and jogging is a part of this so there are some helpful articles. Women may like to know the original fitness magazine is aimed at you so if you're running for weight loss or want female specific advice this maybe for you (link below).

The man's magazine also has running tips and advice but also has weight lifting help and other sports and fitness information as you'd expect by a magazine by the name "Men's Fitness". We've read Men's Fitness often and really appreciate the information withinbut for runningadvice thenthe 2 publications above would be better choices. As always you could alwaystry all 3 and see which you prefer!

To view or buy "Fitness" (for women) magazine Click Here!

To view or buy "Men's Fitness" (for men) magazine Click Here!

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