Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Jogging Schedule


A jogging schedule is a plan for how long and when youdo your jogging in a given day, week or month. These are useful forall joggersto help maintain motivation and to give you a goal to aim for.

How often and how long you should exercise

Current government recommendationssay that an adult needs 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. They call exercise any type of moderate physical activity and that includes jogging. This is the optimum level and all the health benefits can be realized from exercising for this amount.

So what we'll do is base the jogging schedule on that recommendation. But what we need to do is build up slowly. This is essential for anyone beginning exercising or for those who haven't exercised for a long period. Should you be elderly, obese or have any pre-existing conditions then medical advice may be needed before beginning.

Jogging schedule

Remember this is only a guide based on current government recommendations.

Time Spent Jogging (Minutes)
Week 1 55555--
Week 2 1010101010--
Week 3 1515151515--
Week 4 2020202020--
Week 5 2525252525--
Week 6+ 3030303030--

You see we start slowly with only 5 minutes of jogging in the first week and build it up by 5 minutes per week. With this schedule we leave your weekends free but you don't have to do that. As long as youexercise for 5 days per weekas recommended thenwhich 2 days off are up to you.

If you find a week particularly hard then repeat theweek. You should find that this schedule is something you can stick with though. By the time you get to your 5th day you should be finding the jogging time easy compared to the beginning of the week. This means you're ready for the week after.

Done that, what next?

Once you're doing 30 minutes per day 5 times a week it's up to you. You can stick with that and you'll be matching government guidelines and you'll be receiving all the positive health and mood benefits that go with regular physical activity. Thisis idealfor weight loss and general fitness.

For those who want a challenge you may want to increase one of the runs you do by 5 minutesevery week. Make sure you do this longer run at the same day of the week and have a rest dayafter. One long runper week is what people who train for marathons do. Remember as long as you're enjoying yourjogging that's what's important.

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