Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Jogging Shoes

Tieing jogging shoes

Forjoggingfootwear isan essential piece of equipment even for beginners. The right footwear can make all the difference to your jogging in a number of ways.Here we tell you why you need jogging shoes and some that will suitmen and women.

Why you need proper jogging shoes

Retailers sell joggingshoes and other training shoes, these other training shoes are for tennis, basketball and other sports.These sportshave lateral movement, you need to move side to side. For this reason those shoes are lateral motion shoes. Jogging is different, you have no side to side motion you merely jog forwards and so you need proper jogging shoes.

You need a shoe that's designed to help your foot, leg and lower back deal with the repeated forward motion you place on your body. The motion places stresses on these parts of the body that jogging shoes can help deal with. Jogging shoes are perfectly designed to help your whole body deal with the jogging movement.

Proper jogging shoes make jogging easier, you will have less fatigue because your body is encouraged and eased into the jogging motion. For this reasonyou'll be less likely to have injuriesall by havingproper jogging shoes. With jogging shoes costing no more that other training shoes there's every reason to make them your shoe of choice for jogging.

Men's Jogging shoes

Asics GT 2140 jogging shoe
Asics - GT 2140
This is a popular jogging shoe that providesstability during your run. It has a special cushioning system to help thefoot and lower legcope with jogging.
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New Balance MR993 jogging shoe
New Balance - MR993
This jogging shoe features a rubber outsole that is lightweight and cushioned. Theshoe has been designed to withstandjogging while maintaining support.
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Asics Gel-Kayano 15 jogging shoe
Asics - Gel Kayano 15
This is such a popular shoe for jogging and running that this is the 15th version they've released. The sole provides cushioning and dryness for the wearer.
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Women's Jogging shoes

Saucony Cohesion NX W jogging shoe
Saucony - Cohesion NX W
This jogging shoeis designed to provide extra cushioning for the jogger. The upper contains an air mesh to make it lightweight and breathable.
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Asics Gel-Nimbus 11 jogging shoe
Asics - Gel Nimbus 11
Thisshoe enhances the foot's natural movement during jogging. There's also reflectivity to enhance visibility and the upper provides a superior fit.
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Nike Free 5.0 V4 jogging shoe
Nike - Free 5.0 V4
This jogging shoe has special cushioning and helps the foot build strength. The shoes allow the foot to move in a natural way during jogging.
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